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Tinker Tailor's Toolbox: For Mending Broken Hearts

Written and Illustrated by Lindy Jelliman

Beautifully Illustrated Paperback published on 28 April 2020 by Shine Bright Press 
AU$20.00 (free postage Australia)

What do you do when someone you love has had their heart broken?  You fix it, of course! Or so thinks Tinker when his beloved sister Emily-Belle goes through an extremely heart-breaking time.  You see, Tinker is a fix-it kind of guy, who (as luck would have it) is also an extremely KIND kind of guy. What would you do if you were Tinker? Join him on this journey of kindness and heart-mending self-discovery to find out.

Note: Suitable for all ages, but...

PARTICULARLY suited to ages 7 to 12

The story prompts the reader to create their very own "Tailor-Made" Happiness Toolbox (easy to set up and use).  A wonderful mental health resource for you (be you a parent, teacher, care-giver or chaplain) to use with the special little people in your life.

Reviews for Tinker Tailor's Toolbox (For Mending Broken Hearts)


This is a great book to read with your kids - who doesn't need a happiness toolkit! I read this book with my two kids who are 10 and 11, we found the story touching and the illustrations are beautiful, we love all the ideas for making the toolkit. I think it will really help with their mental health and happiness especially during the current situation (namely Covid 19 pandemic). I'd definitely recommend if you are going through a tough time as a family or just as a great way to keep the gratitude flowing and mental health positive in in your house!


Melody H. - Bishop's Stortford, UK


I read this book with my 9 year old nephew who has been through some trauma. We've read a few different books about resilience, anxiety, worries, feelings. He absolutely loved it. He said that it was his new favourite book, he loved the pictures. At the end he turned to me and asked if we could make him a toolbox just like Tinker had made (lucky for us there are instructions in the back). He loved how kind Tinker was in helping his sister mend her heart. That through every challenge you can come out stronger. For myself it was great to read with him because we're trying to help him mend his heart and see that though he's faced many challenges we are here for him no matter what. The book helped with that because Tinker was there for his family even when things were a bit cloudy. Any book that helps see something positive in his future is a 5 star rating by us.


Nikki A - Brisbane, Australia


My three boys and I absolutely loved Tinker Tailor. We loved the rhyming verses and also the beautiful message- that everyone can create their own happiness. I like the way Lindy Jelliman has practical suggestions on how to make a happiness toolbox too - we will definitely be making one in our household.

Julie C. - Brisbane, Australia


I loved the story and I really enjoyed making my own Happiness Toolbox.  When I get nervous for a test or something, I will use my magic mirror tool to strengthen my self-belief. I like all the tools in the toolbox (from the instructions at the back of the book).

Christy D. - Age 11, Brisbane, Australia


I loved this wonderful little book for children and adults alike. Great advice, beautiful heartfelt story of hope and resilience.

Thoroughly Recommend!

Danielle Aitken - Amazon Bestselling Author of "The Ripples - What Lies Beyond"


"Tinker Tailor's Toolbox has been one of the most valuable resources I have used in my classroom to improve they wellbeing of my students. They have loved making their own toolboxes! I highly recommend this book to all educators out there, it is fantastic."

Teresa Heath, Primary School Teacher - Brisbane


"This is an open-ended resource for Child Psychologists to use in their practice as the toolbox can be "Tailor-made" for the child's specific issue, as well as being a treasure trove for practising positive mental health habits. A toolbox for a child being bullied could include a tool constructed jointly with their psychologist specifically for that individual situation, as well as the other tools (particularly the ones used to boost self-esteem). The opportunities are endless."

Keira, Child Psychologist - Brisbane


Tinker Tailor's Toolbox is a beautifully illustrated book and a wonderful resource for parents and caregivers to help children or in fact anyone find ways to deal with a broken heart. It's whimsical illustrations are a balm to the eyes and it's message is one of inspiration and hope.

Jessica Williams - Mum & Nanna - Brisbane, Australia

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